Welcome to my tomb. I've been here a while, and have had a long time to make it my own.

You are just in time, even now the first of my "Special Guests" have arrived. Please give a warm welcome for Everette Bell, Victoria Tarrani, Susan Higgins and Terrie Relf. There are more on the way of coarse, they should be arriving shortly. Perhaps my beloved will be among them, dressed in masquerade to hide himself from the eyes of the envious and fearful. Perhaps when the small hours of the morning arrive and all has quieted until next time, he will show himself, and we will be together again at last.



feeling hunger
haunted by the blood thirst
thoughts of you swell within my mind
by Terrie Relf

Midnight Culling~ Installments 3 + 4

A Novel by Everette Bell

Parasite ~ A Poem

by Victoria Tarrani

New Blood ~ A Poem

by Susan R. Higgins

Vampire ~ A Poem

by Susan R. Higgins

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