Vampire ~ A Poem

by Susan R. Higgins

He languished there
in the midnight moon,
drinking blood from
Veronica's wounds.
Soon he would remember...
drinking in his regrets...
A summer of joy,
a winter of laments.

Biography of Susan R. Higgins

Susan Rosalie Higgins was born in the village of Saugerties, NY in 1952. She lived there for 28 years before moving to Houston, TX. Susan was inspired to write while living in upstate New York, but her real writing did not take off until she had lived in Texas for five years.

Susan lives with her boyfriend Hilton Jackson and her two cats, SUNSHINE and SASE. SUNSHINE, now deceased, and through taxidermic processes, sits on top on her computer, posing as a muse while Susan writes. Her other cat SASE, which by the way is very much alive, often lies at the keyboard and helps Susan write.

Susan is never without pen, paper or index cards to write out story ideas. Some stories come to her "out of thin air," and she quickly writes them down so as not to miss writing the next story for her readers to enjoy.

When not writing, Susan likes to read and work on her online publications for children called RAG SOUP at: She attends Science Fiction/Fantasy Conventions every chance she gets, or when money is available. Susan also like to keep connected to her friends in the writing field both Online or through regular mail.

Pet peeves....the term `snail mail' and people who light up cigarettes without even asking the person next to them if it's OK. Susan is EXTREMELY allergic to cigarette smoke and suffers dangerous fainting spells and extreme sickness when subjected to it! So when around her, please MIND YOUR MANNERS!

Susan is now working feverishly on her fantasy novel, which will be the first in a series of three. She hopes to have it completed before spring has completed its `renewal of life' for the season.