Parasite ~ A Poem

by Victoria Tarrani

Drifting past the light
a shadow of the night
sees with uncanny sight
searching for the bite
to quench the parasite
inflicted in moonlight
that created the appetite
anathema by Maronite.

Forever cast adrift
by a nocturnal gift
that caused a soul to shift
divided by a rift
soaring to the lift
of bloodlust that is swift.

Sleeping in the day
and never to decay
while others toil and play
unknowing they are prey.

The sunlight is eternal
but darklings are infernal.

Sleep! Beware, Sheep.



Victoria Tarrani lives in southern California with her husband of ten years Mike. Her reviews of books and booklets appear on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and New Hope International. She is a freelance writer and editor, working most directly with ABC Editing Company. An avid researcher, she laughingly says you are as apt to find her in the midst of a Flash Gordon comic as Einstein's Marvelous Years or any of fifteen dictionaries or encyclopedias. Generally, if you have a question, she can find an answer.

She has one daughter Beth, who also has one daughter Kayla, and a second baby on the way. Her three step-children each have one child: Adriano, Joey, Karisa Nikole; the house is filled with toys and books.

After returning to college she earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science degree from Coleman College in San Diego, CA. While going through college as an adult, she was also the student activities president, tutor and teaching assistant graduating with a 3.9 and claims burnout caused the drop from 4.0 after eight months. She took 130 units in 13 months.

Her friends call her Viki, not generally knowing that it is an acronym for Virtual Integrated Kinetic Interface, which she created as a joke and then grew to love. She was a network/systems engineer/analyst for ten years. During this time she wrote a monthly column on technical tips for the San Diego Computer Journal. Her credentials include CNE, CLNE, MCP, ECNE, MCNE, WP Engineer, and others. The certifications have been carefully hidden in a large box that her husband will pull out to show friends that he catches unaware. The focus of the last three years of her career was in designing and writing business solutions and proposals for a national company.

Finally, turning to her greatest writing love, she began publishing her creative works. She built the web sites Portals and The Writer's Challenge, where she ran a monthly contest for writers. After taking a year off from sponsoring contests, she has recently opened a new contest site for writers. P<> Her poetry and short stories have appeared in Aim High, First Draft, Sixth Sense, Haiku 2000 and in the following newsletters: Miss Lucy Westerna, Blood Coven, A Feast of Night.

Viki's Poetry and short stories have been published on various web sites including: Hero's Journal, In Buddah's Temple, Miss Lucy Westerna, Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, Blood Coven, A Coven of Ghouls (Ghoulish Zombies), Star Leaper, Zimmerzine, Pegasus Dreaming, Aabye's Baby, Dream Forge, Grey Sun, After Thoughts, Nocturnal Postings, PolyphonyPress. Her short story written for a very special friend 'Everything She Wants' was a contest winner for Dream Forge.

She has finished three children's books and is seeking publication. She is in the midst of writing a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel, runs and writing groups and is active in several other groups.