Issue #2 - August, 2000


Wings of Nardoth

In the middle of the night, little Sara heard a noise coming from below or was it from outside the house? Too scared to stay in her bed and too scared to leave her room, she had to take the chance and wondered hesitantly, carefully down the stairs.

The ominous green glow downstairs was no help in quieting her nerves. Hearing the sound again, she spun to look out the window. There outside the window, the 'Dance of the Soleis' was taking place. The lost souls of Dordeath were changing form, they were becoming...

Sara screamed. "Aunt Darea, come now!!"

Aunt Darea heard the call far beyond her grave, the calling of her kin. Spreading silent wings of Nardoth, she made the way towards her niece. Tonight, she would dismiss the evil that was trying to come forth...the evil that was trying to evade the upper-world of Sara...

Darea, now a mighty force of night, fierce with lightening, striking out at the evil pervading little Sara. Lightening erupeted from fingertips, burning, searing, taking the Soleis back underground.

At all cost she must protect her only heir. The lass that would take over her rule as 'The Death Queen of Nardoth' would come of age very soon...

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